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      About TTM Technologies
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      Quick Facts About TTM Technologies

      A Total Solution Company

      TTM Technologies, Inc. is a leading global printed circuit board manufacturer, focusing on quick-turn and volume production of technologically advanced PCBs, backplane assemblies and electro-mechanical solutions as well as a global designer and manufacturer of high-frequency radio frequency (RF) and microwave components and assemblies. TTM stands for time-to-market, representing how TTM's time-critical, one-stop manufacturing services enable customers to shorten the time required to develop new products and bring them to market.


      • Around 25,000 employees and 29 factories worldwide
      • Top 5 global PCB provider
      • Publically traded US Company and listed on the NASDAQ (TTMI)
      • Serve diverse end markets including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Cellular phone, Computing, Industrial & Instrumentation, Medical, Networking & Communications.
      • Technology focus including 108 awarded patents and 13 applications for advancements in manufacturing and design

      Explore TTM further on this website under the Markets We Serve and Products and Services categories.